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Pain Should Never Be Ignored:

Does Pain Serve A Purpose?

Does a fire alarm srve a purpose? Yes it warns us there is a fire, and all fire can be dangerous. The sensation of pain has been described as Nature’s warning signal. Somewhere in a passage of popular literature (The Bible), I read, “The curse causeless, shall not come”. It seems Moses knew that where there is pain, there is cause, and so it is today, where there is pain there is always a cause or even causes.

Treating Pain While Ignoring Cause:

Treat the pain with pills, potions and elixirs while ignoring the cause is at the best only a delaying tactic, and can be most dangerous. Pharmaceutical Companies offer amazing and often non evidenced based relief, even miracle cures for pain with no metion of the possibility of an underlying cause. Often a drug produced for a particular problem has been accidentally found to be more helpful for an entirely different symptom, and the use is switched. The initial purpose of the drug has been discovered by accident rather than iintent. Does that sound like evidenced based science to you?

The Body Wants To Heal Itself:

With back or spinal related pain if you continue to treat just the symptom while the underlying cause goes undetected and uncorrected, the body is forced to treat the cause itself and often this involves remodelling of the vertebra (osteo arthritis/spinal degeneration) as a compensatory measure. Osteo arthritic and degeneration of spinal components is a permanent condition leading to debilitation and even more pain as the raging process catches up.

Use the Symptom To Find The Cause:

At Noosa Life Chiropractic we recognise pain as Nature’s warning signal, and we diagnose possible underlying issues which may be the cause. Using modern techniques of Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing), certain neurologic and orthopaedic tests, and even weight bearing spinal X. Rays, CT and MRI scans, we determine the underlying structures and where the cause or even the causes are coming from. We need the symptom to direct our attention and to let us know if the ensuing treatment is effective, are you getting better?

Effective Real Health Maintenance:

Let’s paint a picture of a possible scenario. The imaginary (virtual) Patient’s initial complaint is headaches, pain in the neck and restricted movement in the neck. After all the necessary case history questions, an examination reveals the bones of the neck are not sliding properly and the ligaments and muscles are tight in an effort to protect the area. Neck bones are misaligned and the neck curve is backwards according to X. Rays images. I report to the patient my findings and with their informed consent commence treatment by way of gentle spinal adjustments done only with my hands. The purpose is to restore movement to the neck joints and to relieve irritation from the delicate nerve tissue. Having completed a course of corrective treatment we may introduce some soft tissue stretches for the patient to do each day, Life style modifications including postural recommendations and a monthly check up with minor ongoing corrections (adjustments) to maintain what we have achieved.

The Body Made Itself and Heals Itself:

Given the right parameters in which to work your body will attend to its own needs. E.G. Given elements of Nutrition, Exercise, Rest and Relaxation, Good Mental Attitude and ongoing Spinal Maintenance to release troublesome joints instead of allowing the issues to accumulate. Health is always an inside out job, a process of Life Style, Mind control, and as Hippocrates said, “Let thy food be thy medicine”, and he said, “Look well to the spine for the cause of dis-ease”. For a spinal check up book online or call Debbie at our front desk 0409 570246



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