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Regular Health Maintenance Adjustments:

Life is Nature’s Doctor: “Nothing is bigger than Life, and nothing is more valuable than you health and well – being”. Ask any sick person and they will tell you they would give anything to be well and vibrant, and if only they had their Life to live again they would invest in themselves and their mental, spiritual and physical well being.

Wellness Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments Done Monthly is a Good Investment: Most of our patients come in for cricks, backaches, strains, and headaches. When we relieve their symptoms they assume they are “cured” and they drop off any continuing Maintenance Adjustments. “It costs me money to maintain my health, I’ll wait till I hurt again and come in for an adjustment then”.  In 6 months here they are, same pain, same cause, but further degeneration of their condition due to neglected time. On the other hand I have patients who never miss their one visit a month Maintenance Care adjustment. “It’s a small investment for a big gain”, they will tell you.

Chiropractic Health Maintenance Doesn’t Cost It Pays: Maintenance Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments done monthly will cost less than $2.20 a day to service your spine and vital nervous system. Health and wellness is a proactive thing just like servicing your car, it’s so you don’t break down and degenerate into stiff, irritated joints and inflamed disks and nerves. With Maintenance the Chiropractor checks and corrects any pending problems keeping you working properly. Is it time for your “service”, your spinal health check up? Call today 0409n570 246

How Can We Help You? Two Experienced Chiropractic Doctors, the Best Massage Therapist on the Sunshine Coast, a modern fully equipped Chiropractic and Massage Clinic  that’s what we offer our clients and patients. Call today and book a “check up” or a massage 0409 570246. “Oh … and check out our 5 star Reviews on Face Book and Google”

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