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Sciatic leg pain and Chiropractic:

Sciatica it’s Cause and Treatment: One of the more common problems sucessfully treated by Chiropractors all over the world every day is sciatic with low back and leg pain. A debilitating and costly problem as work regime’s can be severely restricted and it impacts directly on your life style.  A sciatic case can present with antalgia, an involuntary lateral leaning of the spine to one side or the other and a stiff posture with low back muscles in spasm.

Sciatica, A Typical Cause: The more common form of sciatica involves a disk bulging, inflamed and swollen often referred to as a herniated disk, pressing into the sciatic (leg) nerve trajectory. The thing that is twisting the disk and causing it to be swollen and inflamed can vary from vertebral subluxation (misalignment) to a sacro iliac subluxation / pelvic imbalance, or a combination of both.

Treatment Options Include: Anti inflamatory drugs to reduce the inflamation and swelling, Chiropractic spinal re alignement adjustments, bed rest and finally invasive spinal surgery. Chiropractic treatment is designed to correct the subluxated segments (spinal misalignments), and this reduces the twisting on the disk allowing the disk swelling to go down and the body to heal itself.

Diagnostic Tools used by Chiropractors: Dr Singer will use Applied Kinesiology muscle tests, computer range of spinal movement study, orthopaedic and neurologic exams, and if needed spinal weight bearing X Rays. He will adjust you on the first visit to give relief. On the second visit He will  answer your 3 questions, “have I found what’s causing your sciatica?, can I help you, and what do I need to do in order to get you the results you are looking for”? With your informed consent he will start treatment immediately.

Do Spinal adjustments hurt? There is a small chance of some initial localised irritation, however this should soon resolve. Typically spinal adjustments done by an experienced doctor of Chiropractic like Dr Richard Singer (46 years in practice) do not hurt, in gfact most people enjoy their adjustments. Call us today and get help immediately 0409 570246


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