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Secrets of a Great Health Practitioner:

With all health care professionals, 3 elements contribute to Best Practice Standards.                        

(1) Heart: Healers / Health Care Practitioners who love what they do, and do what they love are literally giving of themselves form their heart. They tune in to their innate awareness, their intuition, and get “in the zone”. Sometimes I observe my hands moving on a patient’s spine and adjustments are made from an intuitive automated position. Speaking to Kellie our massage therapist, she agrees with me saying, she lets her fingers do the walking independent of her educated reasoning. One way of opening my innate or my intuitive mind is meditation. Every morning for an hour to an hour and a half I practice meditation. This clears the chatter, the noise allowing my mind to be calm and focused.

(2) Head: A dedicated practitioner attends refresher seminars regularly and reads all the evidenced based literature available so they stay well educated. I am constantly doing CPD (continuing professional development) to keep up with all the educated reasoning on topics of anatomy, physiology and other science subjects. E.G. on July 7 I fly to Cairns to be do a Thompson Terminal Point Chiropractic technique seminar. I subscribe to various journals so I can read all the latest developments in research and science required in day to day practice.

(3) Hands: I am constantly practicing my adjusting skills as I adjust over 100 patients weekly. I may use 3 and 4 techniques to get the desired patient outcomes on a particular patinet visit. This is where all 3 elements combine. I change my adjusting techniques based on intuition (heart), and because of my skill base (hands) I am confident and make a great adjustment. (Head) using science I read and qualify spinal weight bearing x rays, CT, MRI and even Ultra Sound, and applied kinesiolgy, and orthopedic tests to make an educated diagnosis.

The Best Doctors and Therapists combine all their faculties – Heart, Head and Hands to help their patients.

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