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"Side Lined By Hip Pain?"

Hip pain has many different possible sources, the trick in fixing your hip pain is to first identify the cause. Our skilled Chiropractic Doctors and Massage Therapist will examine the point of pain and run a barrage of tests aimed at identifying the cause. At our practice both Massage Therapist and our Chiropractic Doctors speak to each other and work together to determine a differential diagnosis. The first response comes from you the hip pain sufferer to make an appointment today.

Some of the tests we do will be done using computerised movement studies, applied kinesiology muscle tests, and other orthopaedic tests, and in many cases standing postural x rays. Experience is always a big factor in determining the cause of your pain. All of our therapists and support team are senior experienced friendly people. The two Chiropractors have 65 years of clinical experience between them and our Massage Therapist brings her skills from Brazil and Australia with her including “dry cupping”, which she uses often in her remedial massage work.

What is causing your pain that’s the question? Is it a result of a sacroiliac subluxation, is it coming from an inflamed disk and the resultant nerve pain, maybe femur acetabular joint dysplasia, or a thickened and inflamed bursa? That’s our job to make a determination and prescribe a course of treatment to return you to optimum function. Occasionally a referral to an interventive radiologist for steroid therapy, or an orthopaedic surgeon for hip replacement, however those are less than 1 % of the cases we have seen over the years. That means we can deal with the other 99% and get you back on track ourselves. Call us today and make an appointment for an examination  0409 570246. We are here to help, that’s our purpose.

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