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Simple, Effective way to Weight Loss:

“How can I loose weight, effectively, safely and quickly?”

There are millions of methods for weight loss, and yes here is another. It does involve abstinence, however for me it was not a problem. The important thing to do is (1) realise you have a need, face up to it, you can’t get away with overweight forever. You can’t fool Mother Nature, she’s been around too long, and is infinately demanding we keep her laws.

My wife and I have been on our annual vacation to Amalfi in Italy and of course I ate fabulous food, drank great wine and generally lolly gagged around.That’s what holidays are for, I hear you say. By the conclusion of our 4 weeks in decadence I had gained considerable weight and non of my clothes fitted me. I fealt like a beached whale, bloated up and disgusting. During the holiday we did a lot of walking in the hills around Amalfi, and this raised my metabolic rate considerably. which was helpful for the next few weeks after returning home.

Here it is, and sorry if it is not a fancy, technical and a complicated weight loss programe requiring supplements, and austeer food changes. It’s not high protein, or low carbs, and does not require you to measure ketone bodies in your urine to detemine if you are fat burning. No expense gym equipment or gym memberships. Wow what is it?

In a sentence: “I stopped all alcohol intake, bread and all sugar substances, increased vegetables and fruite intake, minimised heavy proteins, and maintained a higher than usual metabolic rate through walking. In a few short weeks I have lost 8 kilos and feel great and I must admit, I look terrific”.

There are Universal Laws (meaning applicable to everyone), and Mother Nature will not be fooled, mocked, or accepts any excuses. If Life was represented as a long ribbon there she is somewhere toward the end of the ribbon with a pair of scissors waiting for you to violate her laws, and she chops off another piece of your ribbon of life, or worse still ties tight knots in the ribbon.

Chiropractic is essential to any wellness plan, just as weight control and vibrant nutrition. It’s all a way of life and Nature dictates the rules. Call us if we can help you on the road to wellness 0409 570246



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