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Special $70, Hour Theraputic Massage, Topical Magnesium Oil:

Theraputic massage with topical agnesium from the best massage therapist on the Sunshine Coast at Noosa Life Chiropractic and Massage, Mari Borges:

Mari Borges uses many techniques in massage therapy and massages magnesium into sore and aching muscles. Post gym soreness often manifests 24 hours after a vigorous work out. Massaging topical magnesium into the bellies of the muscles relieves that post exercise soreness.

Magnesium is well documented in the rehabilitation and the ease of sore muscles and joints. Mari, at Noosa Life Chiropractic and Massage is the only therapist I jnow of who uses magnesium mixed in with their traditional massage oils. Last Tuesday Mari massaged me in a full body massage which includes my legs and when I stood up off the table “my knees didn’t hurt”…. For 3 days I walked with no knee pain. Already I have booked my next massage with Mari this coming week. My wife, and office manager is Debbie and our good friend and assistant Nancy both use Mari’s massage and they also have had benefits.

Let Mari give you a magnesium massage and get me to adjust you immediately after. The knotted and tight muscles will be relaxed and stretched out, and then I (Richard) will adjust those offending segments and set you free of your pain and symptoms. Many more difficult patient’s spines have become soft and compliant when adjusted after Mari’s topical magnesium massage.

Call 0409 570246 today and book your topical magnesium massage (on special to March 11), and an adjustment immediately after. See more about what we do and how best can we serve you on our web site


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