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Spinal Maintenance Adjustments, the Gateway to Health:

Health Care Begins at the Spine:

Hippocrates said, “Look well to the spine for the cause of dis-ease”. That was in the year 500BC in his discourses on the Island of Pathmos. Nothing has changed, the spine and the spinal cord are still the super communication pathway from our brain and the millions of telephone wires (nerves) send the messages to all parts of the body. A spinal trauma can result in partial or complete paralysis of parts of the body. What happens when those spills and minor accidents that make up evrybody’s life are left unattended and the nerves, disks and spinal joints get gradually traumatised? Does that impact on every day health and normal function?

The First Law of Health:

Have a flexable spine and a free nervous system allowing lIfe to flow freely to all body parts, organs and cells. Hipocrates all thos centuries ago was right, yet how many “health nuts” know about Chiropractic Spinal Maintenance Health Care?

Cafeteria Shoppers in Helth Care:

Many people have their favourite parts in their pursuite to health. These are the cafeteria shoppers! Some love to exercise in the gym, some even become vegans and run on the beach, others meditate their lives away, but how few practice health care as a complete package, a life style? E.G. Firstly get regular spinal maintenance, eat nutritiously, exercise cardio and resistance, get rest and relaxation, and work at having a good attitude. Get the idea Health is not doing just your favourite bit, but all the bits in combination starting from Chiropractic Spinal Haealth Maintenance to keep the “river of Life”, your spinal canal open. Call us today and get your spine checked, you will be amazed at what we may find 0409 570246

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