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Sports Massage and Jack Baxter:

It Takes A Sportsman to Know Good Sports Massage:

Playing rugby for Brothers, Noosa, and in Scotland, Jack Baxter is a keen sportsman and understands his profession of Massage Therapy both as a player receiving treatment, and a therapist giving ht treatment. I was Jack’s first client and what impressed me was he constantly asked for feed back from me. “Richard is the pressure OK, do you want firmer or softer? Does this pressure point hurt, what about here?” He is constantly asking you to participate in your massage experience.

A Lot of Pain Is Related to Your Back and Neck:

80% of all visits to the GP are directly related to muscle skeletal pain and other disorders. The GP by definition is a doctor of medicine and medicine only changes the sensation of pain and pain related disorders (inflammation), and not directly altering the mechanical underlying cause of the pain. Please understand I appreciate the science of medicine and yes they do save lives and are an essential part of modern health care. Physiotherapy largely addresses the soft tissue (muscles and ligament), however a great majority of back pain, headaches etc; come from the back and neck. This is the recognised regime of the Chiropractor.

Massage and Chiropractic Go Together:

Early Chiropractors would have you massaged for a few minutes before getting your Chiropractic adjustment by the Chiropractor. Today we recognise Therapeutic Massage as both a stand alone effective therapy and an aid to the Chiropractic adjustment. Some people will benefit from a massage followed immediately by spinal adjustments and some people will benefit either stand alone Massage or spinal adjustments. The choice is up to you and what works for you.

Regular Massage – A Healthy Life Style Naturally:

It’s not only about pain, it’s about a healthy Life Style. We all know pain as a warning signal or the body’s way of asking for help. Pain is never “the cause” it’s merely “the effect”. A muscle skeletal approach to looking for and treating the underlying cause of pain which leads to sickness, is what Chiropractic and Massage therapy is all about.

See Our Helpful Daily Stretches:

We think that stretching out joints and muscles is an important part of daily health care. For a few helpful stretches scroll down our home page and click on the banner that indicates “Helpful Daily Stretches” and open a page designed to help you stretch it out. Gentle Jack “the Giant Killer” Baxter (our massage therapist) will help you with exercises and stretches, just ask and he will assist you when you get your next massage.

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