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Stay Hydrated To Help Your Body Fight Off Infections:

HEALTH IS AN INSIDE JOB: “Stay hydrated to help fight off infections”. I have said this many times, “health is an inside job”. Along with nutritional foods we need our body’s cells filled with water and washed to rid the excreter from the cells continuously.

TWO TYPES OF WATER IN THE BODY: There are 2 types of water in the body, (1) extracellular and (2) intracellular. Some of the water we drink simply never gets inside the cell and is caught up in the surrounding tissue and basically flows straight through and does not hydrate the cells. It’s the water that goes through the cell membrane into the cell that is beneficial to hydrate and wash the excreter from the cell.

ELECTROLYTES ARE THE KEY TO HYDRATION: That’s why we need electrolytes, magnesium, potassium, sodium and a host of others. Electrolytes contribute to making the cell membrane more permeable so that water outside can cross the cell membrane and get inside the cells.

AN EASY AND AFFORDABLE SOURCE OF ELECTROLYTES: A commonly sourced and affordable source of electrolytes is a product found in most pharmacies called Endura. A scoop of Endura mixed in water will help to hydrate your body cells. If you work out or run then you will need two or three drinks a day with a couple of scoops in water and about 2 to 3 litres a day.  

UNUSED BODY SALTS CAN ACCUMULATE AND CAUSE ARTHRITIS AND KIDNEY STONES: Body salts can accumulate because of the lack of intracellular water and an accumulation of extracellular water often manifest as kidney stones and arthritis.

HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH: Set a target to drink 1 1/2 ltrs of water a day. Remember, “health is an inside job”. Call us for an appointment for the best Chiropractic and Massage on the SunshineCoast 0409 570246 or book online at

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