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Symptoms are an effect of Cause:

“Well I never get symptoms, I always feel great!!” John said to his mate Jim at the Randwick bus depot at the start of their shift. John walked three steps away and literally dropped dead on the floor. Is it possible to be well one minute and 90 seconds later dead? This is a true story as related by my brother in law “Jim”, some 60 years ago.

Yes, it happens all the time, as a matter of fact it happened to me last November. I went in to the cardiologist for a routine ECG and was told I had a heart attack three days before with no symptoms. The first symptom could be death! I was whisked away by ambulance to the coronary care unit at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital where I lay perfectly still for 6 days. Two Stents were installed by angiogram, into the coronary arteries and I was discharged on blood thinning medication and sentenced to a dis ease care life style for the next 12 months.

Today a patient related a similar story. Her husband had a routing cholesterol blood test and two weeks later the diagnosis escalated into “metastatic carcinoma” which already had spread from the prostate gland to his lungs and spine. A virtual death sentence, and their lives are now devastated, and sadness and hopelessness is staring the family in the face.

In order to illustrate my point let me recall the story of the Titanic. The crows nest yelled “ice burg off the starboard bow”, and next thing the hull was ripped open like a tin can, and minutes later she disappeared into the icy waters of the Atlantic sending some 1500 souls to their watery grave. Only 10% of the ice burg is above water and the other 90% is hidden beneath the water, and that’s the bit that killed 1500 people!

In the metaphor of the Titanic, symptoms are the 10% of the ice burg visible above the water, however underlying “the symptoms” there is always a cause. The part that kill and destroy lives is that submerged part, the 90% of the ice under the water, the part that takes lives. For every symptoms there is always a cause, and the symptoms are simply the body’s warning that something is wrong. Chipping away at the top of the ice burg never resolves the danger.

Chiropractic is the science and art where your Chiropractic Doctor searches for a cause or causes for your symptoms and makes a diagnosis, and then sets about correcting these causes by gently adjusting the spinal and cranial bones. The body, working properly and without interference will heal itself and it’s my job (the Chiropractor), to return your body to normal function and allow it to heal itself naturally and from inside out.

Call us at Noosa Life Chiropractic and Massage 0409 570 246 today, and see how we can help relieve your pain and suffering and return your body to normal healthy function naturally.

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