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Tension Headaches Wearing You Down?

Tension Headaches and Their Causes: In Today’s world there are a myriad of reasons for neck muscles being tight right up into the base of the skull. This is what commonly is known as a tension headache.

(1) Work place ergonomics: Lots of people spend hours a day infront of a computer screen with verry little thought of the items around them and if they can they can be used in a more person friendly way. In our office all our computer screens are at eye level, our key boards are directly infront of the operator as is the mouse.  Some people go to the expense of a stand up work station and find that most helpful.

(2) Sleeping Posture: Seeing we spend up to a third of our life time in bed, verry important. The neck is the part that needs support and not the skull. Think about it, the neck is the body’s life line carrying the spinal cord and dllicate nerves. We all have seen contoured neck pillows claiming they are the best. Find one that supports your neck and feels good and that’s the one for you.

(3) Stress: We all live on the sam plnet and are subjected to the same stresses, yes some at one time or another may be overwhelmed with the amount of stress occuring at a given time. There are ways to manage stress from meditation to yoga and pilates.

(4) Toxic or alergenic foods: Years ago I had a patient who never had headaches and all of a sudden developed hideous migraines. We traced the cause down to her drinking Milo, a health drink! She stopped drinking it and headaches dissappeared.

(5) Adaquate hydration: Cells need water, they need to be hydrated all the time. The key to good hydration is to usse electrolytes in your water and sip don’t swallow large amounts dow, Electrolytes ensure water can pass across cell membranes easier and the water gets inside the cell.

(6) Vertebral Subluxation: Neck bones that became misplaced in some form of accident even years before can cause the worst headaches. My job as a Chiropractor is to restore the mal positioned bones and take the pressuree off the spinal cord and nerve tissue. WE do it every dy and we do it well.

(7) Tight neck muscles: With every headache there is a common complaint of tight and restricted neck muscles. This is where Theraputic massage is of great benefit and we have the best massage therapist on the Coast. Call us today 0409570246 or simply book directly online at

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