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Nurses make the best Chiropractic Patients: In my 47 years of practice the one profession I have taken care of more than any other are nurses. Every shift I will adjust 3 or 4 RNs, and last Friday we had a GP and three RNs in the one afternoon. Nurses are well versed in anatomy and physiology and not indoctrinated the way most medical doctors are. When I explain the spinal physiology of the central nervous system and the important roe the spine takes in protecting and supporting their body’s CNS, they completely get it.

Recent Hospital Stay and Mt Experience with Nurses: I had the misfortune to have 4 operations in 16 days and was in the hospital for 12 of those days. My nurses who took care of me did an amazing job under difficult circumstances. I noticed more men in this role than I was previously aware of. One male nurses retrained from being a wool classer to an RN, another a motor mechanic and now an RN. They all were cheerful, and professional and certainly knew their professional work beyond and doubt.

The Front Line Soldiers in the Hospital: These angels, yes men and women are the workers of medicine. Over each 24 hours they were always there, and when it came to “change over” the outgoing nurse stood by each bed side and gave the new shift nurse a complete and accurate overview of each patient. I was introduced as Dr Singer and afforded the greatest respect and courtesy.

Thank You Nurses for Your Dedication and Care: As a Doctor of Chiropractic I was impressed by the nurse’s knowledge of anatomy, physiology and their attention to every detail. I noted the odd patient was sometimes ungrateful and sometimes difficult, but the nurse maintained their composure and was always patient and understanding.

Nurses are Always Welcome at Noosa Life Chiropractic and Massage: Because of their understanding of the human basic sciences Nurses make great patients. They are compliant and in fact do everything that is asked of them in their rehabilitation programs given to them. Please accept my admiration for your profession and my appreciation for each one of you and lastly a big “thank you”, from me personally and professionally.

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