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New State of the Art Pneumatic Chiropractic Adjusting Tables leave the USA in 2 weeks and will be delivered in December. Tools of the trade are extremely important to any trade, and Chiropractic is no different. These are the Rolls Royce of adjusting tables and allow me to use every possible technique on the planet.

The Zenith Chiropractic table company has been building adjusting tables for 100 years. Ours have been built to our own specifications and signature colour. I have another adjusting table that is around 97 years old, and while it has been refurbished many times it looks like new and I use it every day. For those of you familiar with the Chiropractic, it belonged to the late great Dr BJ Palmer of Davenport Iowa.

Fully computerised office with automated front desk and electronic on the spot billing. WE use a computerised diagnostic spinal range of motion study, one of only 5 in Australia, applied kinesiology diagnostic muscle testing, and all the Chiropractic techniques on the planet according to the patients individual needs. Spinal weight bearing X Rays are used when needed and are bulk billed to Medicare. On top of all this we have private reserved patient only off the street parking.

You are in good and safe hands with Dr Richard Singer with 45 years experience. Our Massage therapist offers a menu of massage techniques for you to choose from. Call us today 0409 570 246

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