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Health Care Dosen’t Cost, It Pays! When all elements of health are employed in day to day life, we call that a “wellness lifestyle”. Many times I hear folks say, “I don’t have the money or time to be healthy. It costs too much, both money and time”. OK so that person lives life in the dilema of – “eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you might die. After all you’ve got to die of something”? My answer to these folks – “it’s not about the dieing, it’s about living sick, old and decrepate. Ending up in a nursing home broke, diseased and waiting to die”. That’s what awaits those with little regard for their day to day wellness. Treating disease and sickness in your old age is far more costly than incrimentally investing in wellness over a life time.

The Best Investment You will make in a Life Time, is You: Day to day, every day health is a wellness life style. Chiropractic Philosophy teaches and encourages self reliance, proactive elements of that life style we call “wellness”. So what can we do to invest in our wellness life style? (1) Chiropractic adjustments ensures spinal flexability, where the spinal canal is free to adapt and change under the body’s natural influence. This ensures a sound nervous system and balance. (2) Nutrition in the way of fermented live fresh foods, good oils (olive oil, salmon, and advocado), nuts, seeds, a variety of vegies and fruites, and a small amount of animal protein is advised. (3) Exercise to stimulate cardiac muscle, and general muscle and tissue tone. Walking, moving and being active, lubricates and coordinates the joints and muscles keeping them healthy and alive. (4) Rest and Relaxation in the way of sound sleep, and a calm clear focused mind. Most repairs the body makes is during sleep. Agitated minds result in confusion, frustration and miserable human beings. Meditation practice produces a calm, peaceful, and clarity of the mind, and happiness. (5) Good mental attitude is something we can cultivate. We can’t control circumstances, however we can control our reaction to those circumstances with practice and mind clarity.

Start Investing Today, It’s Well Worth It: We hear investment brokers saying “invest for your retirement”. I agree, however your best investment is YOU. Your wellness, for the “Golden Years”. They will be gollden only if you are vibrant, alive, and well. At Noosa Life Chiropractic and Massage we can advise you, and start you on the wellness life style. After all it is our way of life, and with a little “help from a friend (us)”, you can start your best investment now. Call us today and let us help you 0409 570246


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