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The Brain and Spinal Cord - The Most Important Organs:

The Master Organ: The brain has been described as “the master organ”, because it “controls and coordinates all the functions of the human body, and relates the individual to their environment”, Greys Anatomy. Think as the brain as the master computer connected to all 5o trillion cells through a network called the nervous system. The brain and spinal cord are so important that they are the only organ encased in a hard bone for protection.

We all know what para’ and quadriplegia are, that’s where there is a partial or total paralysis of the limbs following major trauma. What if the individual segments of the spine or cranial bones slightly dislocate (subluxate)? Would that cause nerve interference, pain and lead to ultimate sickness and dysfunction? The answer is a resounding YES!. That’s what tens of thousands of Chiropractors do each and every day when they relocate (adjust) subluxations to free the nervous system and restore spinal dynamics.

I personally have been under Chiropractic Wellness Care for around 50 years, and frankly I don’t know how people can exist without regular attention to their spinal health. Remember the nervous system controls and coordinates all other cells, organs, muscles and parts of the body and everyone suffers with the tell tale signs of back, neck and head pains each day due to unattended subluxations.

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