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The Gift of Massage for Christmas:

Massage, a Thoughtful and Personal Gift:

Jack Baxter is our Massage Therapist does and he does an excellent job. He is well known on the Sunshine Coast and Noosa. Jack is a rugby player and knows the benefits of a firm remedial massage to remove knotted muscles and destress ligaments in you back, legs and shoulders. He will be as firm or as gentle as you wish and asks you for your feed back during the massage.

30, 60 or 90 Minutes, it’s up to You:

A 30 minute massage is more of a focused or targeted massage. This client specifies to Jack they want just neck and shoulders done, or back and legs. A 60 and 90 minute massage is a full body massage, however Jack will ask you questions before and during your massage so that you are sure of getting the massage you want. “Can you spend some more time on my low back”, or someone may ask Jack to do some more on their legs. You are in charge and he wants you to get the massage of your choice, just the way you like it…

Returning Clients:

Jack has many clients who have a permanent regular booking with him. That’s always a good sign when the therapist is getting returning clients coming back for their next treatment. Some of our Chiropractic patients insist on a massage with Jack first and then get their adjustment. He will loosen tight muscles first and then the adjustments work better. Either way massage should be not only therapeutic but relaxing, comforting and self indulgent. After all you are the best investment you will ever make.

Open Over the Holidays:

Noosa Life Chiropractic and Massage never closes over the Christmas and New Year Holidays as we get many regular visitors from interstate who see us every year while on Holidays for their massages and Chiropractic adjustments. If you have friends and relatives visiting and are looking for that special present that says you care massage is a good idea. Call Debbie for an appointment with Jack or Richard over the holidays. 0409 570246

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