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Those Golden Years:

The Golden years are generally referring to the years of our retirement, when the kids have left home, and when we no longer need to go to work every day and can decide our own days. The word “golden” suggests those days are going to be our best. In order to enjoy, and indeed love those days we need our health and vitality. While no one can gaurantee we will be healthy and experience happiness there is a life style that will give us the best opportunity to live our “golden years”. We will need an adaquate pension to support our desired life style, happiness and vitality.

Science has identified the (5) keys to health as nutrition, exercise, rest and relaxation, and a good mental attitude, and a supple healthy spine and nervous system. Let’s take a minute to breakdown the keys to health (1) 90% of our auto imune system is dependent on our gut biome. The balance of the bacteria in our gut determines gastric absorption and elimination of fungus. The solution, every day consume naturally fermented lactobacilus, and prebiotic foods to support bacterial growth. (2) Exercise benefits heart health, joint movement and tissue tone. Solution is move, walk and stetch. (3) R & R gives our cells time to recupriate and our systems time to rest. Solution is Relaxation suggests calming the mind, experiencing tranquility, peace, clarity, and happiness. Meditation is a useful key to a calm mind eliminating the chatter and confusion that bombards some of us 24 hours a day. With a calm mind comes happiness, and clarity. (4) How do we maintain good mental attitude? Solution is constantly maintain an attitude of gratitude. Look for and emphasise what you are greatful for, and what you appreciate in your life.  (5) How do we maintain a sound nervous system. The solution is Chiropractic spinal diagnosis and adjustments. See the spine as a conduite for the nervous system made up of many different vertebral segemnts of bone that can dislocate or get stuck loosing their adaptability, causing pain, suffering and a gradual breakdown of body systems to a state of disease.

As Chiropractic Doctors we assume the responsibility of health coach with our patients. Ask me about probiotics. Which ones to use and where to buy them. Ask me about how to lubricate your knees and other joints, and how to develop a good strong core. Ask me about meditation and where to start. Ask me to examine your spine and nervous system and through applied kinesiology techniques tell you what nerves are being pinched off and through adjustments how can I release them and restore them to their normal function. I am a living example of wellness and I am happy to share my knowledge with you.

Chiropractic is an outcome based science that relies on patient outcomes to validate it’s success. Some are quick to critisize and poke fun at Chiropractors, however our one claim to fame is we do get great results. Generally speaking most people consult me after they have tried all conventional main stream medical avenues, and then turn to me as a last resort. “I have tried everything else Doc and you are my last resort”. In other words in these cases our succeses were built on others failures. I have practiced for 41 years and I believe our results speak for themselves. If I can help you just arrange a time for me to speak to you on the phone, and I’ll answer your questions personally, call our reception 0409570246 and speak to Debbie or Nancy.

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