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The Miracle of Life

In the begining there were just 2 cells, a sperm and an ovum. The ovum sat contentedly and patiently in the fallopian tube, waiting. Then swimming upstream, against gravity here come several million wriggling entities, purposefully searching. Around the ovum there is a membrane formed of hyluronic acid, and the enzyme that can break down and penetrate this protective layer just happens to be in the head of the sperm. This enzyme is hyluronidaze. Thousands of sperm die in the process of penetrating the hyluronic acid membrane around the ovum, until just one sperm succeeds in it’s frantic efforts and it penetrates the ovum, and the miracle of Life starts. The entity of sperm and ovum now is known as a zygote. The cells start to polarise and devide and the process of mitosis has begun. All the material determining all the baby’s features from eye and hair colour to genetic potential is allready evidenced within the zygote as the DNA strands and codes of Life form within the cell division. This process continues for 268 days, and clumps of cells form organs, glands, muscle tissue and all the other parts that collectively becomea baby human being. This is not a randomised chaotic explosion of sequential accidents brought on by chance, however a highly sophisticated intelligent and purposeful organisation, in fact because we have little undrstanding of this degree of intelligent action we could call it a miracle. “The Miracle of Life”.

The fact that the full term baby enters the physical world through a narrow canal and past pelvic and spinal bones is a marvel that defies logical explanation. The process comes about by a timely process of hormones being released that turn stiff unstretchable ligaments into rubber bands to stretch and accomodate the birth process. A huge intelligence is at work and it comes from the biological bond and chemical balance between mother and baby. For convenience I will refer to the intelligent force directing and orchestrating this miracle of Life as “Inate (inborn) Intelligence”. For example man can not create a single cell but Nature does itevery second of every day, before we are born and our entire lives.

Another word we could interchange for Inate Intelligence is “Life” (verb). The brain in all it’s sophistication is the conductor of this orchestra of the collective cells of the body, and under it’s direction the music of Life is played out. The cells communicate with the brain through an intricate and equaly bewildering network of trillions of nerve fibers running down inside the protective canal of the spine and out through nerve roots to every cell in the body. It could be said the spinal cord is our life line, and the exiting nerves the canals of the flow of the river of life.

This amazing and wonderous power that made the human being, this Inate Intelligence is still with us and leaves only at death. In Fact it not only made the body, but working properly it heals the body from above down and inside out. The body heals itself, just as it made itself and how it replaces cells every minute of the day, if it is working properly it heals itself. The provisor is that it needs to be working optimally in order to repair and survive during it’s time on Earth. That’s the philosophy of many health sciences including Chiropractic, and it’s our contribution to you as part of what we teach and do each day in our offices. We teach wellness care as a life style. An every day way of life, to feed, and nurture in harmony with Nature thus  optimising bodily function because of what you do pro actively to protect and compliment this miracle of Life.

NB: Please understand Chiropractic is not in conflict with medicine, anymore than a dentist is in conflict with a gynacologist. The two sciences are different and have their own place. We simply want you to appreciate the miracle you walk around in every day and nurture not abuse it, according to universal law and order naturally.

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