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The Miracle of Your Spine:

The River of Life: Yes that’s exactly what your spinal cord is. It’s a river where all the messges from the master computer (brain), communicate with all the cells and parts of your body. Interference to the flow of Life leads to a break down of function and the ability of the body to adapt to stress. We call that interuption “subluxation”.

Chiropractors Unblock the Flow of Life: My job is to identify where the interference lies and using special manual techniques apply a specific thrust intended to release the subluxation. The flow of Life resumes and the body now has a chance to adapt and heal itself.

What About Symptom: Sometimes the first symptom is the last, death! Then how reliable are symptoms? Pain and disease are the last things to show up, well after the interference started. Many times in my practice the patient and I identify the fall or event causing the symptoms as having happened many years before the symptom shows up. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to identify spinal interference before the sickness, pain or other symptoms arrive?

Applied Kenisiology Allows me to Identify Subluxation: AK is a well recognised diagnostic tool. It involves testing specific muscles for “twitch” which is a normal state. When the muscle being tested is spongy it indicates there may be interference, and I then can adjust the subluxation and re test (AK) to determine that we have corrected the interference. Other tests are performed including range of spinal movement, orthopaedic and neurologic tests.

X Ray Allows us to Identify Possible Pathology: Many times I will X Ray the spine to determine it’s ability to accept the adjustment without any further injury or discomfort to the patient.

Periodic Reassessments: How do I know if you have improved? Is it enough to ask, “how are you feeling?” That is a question I ask, however I am the doctor and professionally I should be more objective and use diagnostic assesment techniques to make that objective determination. Regular reassesments are done to determine your progress and return to health.

Does Clinical Experience Play a Part? Dr Singer has 46 years of hands on clinical experience, and yes that does make a big difference to succesful outcomes.



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