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The Nervous System is The Body'S Information Super Highway:

The Brain and Spinal Cord Make Up The Centeral Nervous System: Greys Anatomy Defines the Function of the CNS:  “The Central Nervous System Controls and Coordinates all the Functions of the Body, and Relates the Individual To Their Environment”. So what runs your body? Answer the Information Super Highway from the brain to all body organs, muscles, organs and glands. The brain and the spinal cord are so important to the flow of Life that they are housed in the skull (cranial vault), and 24 bony spinal segments making up a protective conduit know as the spinal column.

The Cerebro Spinal Fluid System: The Central Nervous System is so very important that it has its own hydro dynamic fluid system called the cerebrospinal spinal fluid, independent of the blood flow system of veins and arteries. The CSF is pumped by free movement of several dynamic planes in the body from the movement of the sacrum, the diaphragm, and a transverse membrane, like a drum skin in the skull called the falx tentorum.

Health Depends on Free Spinal and Cranial Movement: In order for the CSF to move in coordinated movement all the spinal segments form the Sacro Iliac joints, each vertebral body through to the various segments of bone that make up the skull (cranial vault)  system. During our Lives we are subjected to many structural stresses, accidents, and knocks, and falls. This dynamic spinal and cranial movement movement becomes impaired resulting in interference to the nervous system and the cerebrospinal spinal fluid systems of the body.

The Body’s Warning System, Pain and Symptoms: Pain and symptoms are often the result of a body that is simply not working properly. When I first examine a patient often I find restricted Sacro Iliac (pelvic) movement, and several crucial spinal segments that have slightly dislocated and have lost their ability to move freely (subluxations), along with other problems like cranial bones locked and not moving freely. This patient has come to me seeking relief from their cricks, back aches and strains, not realising their overall health is being impaired and their symptoms are merely an indicator of  the onset of chronic health problems.

The Success Of Chiropractic Spinal and Cranial Adjustments: Spinal adjustments to free these jammed areas of the spine and cranial systems have been performed over many thousands of years. Today the recognised expert in Spinal corrections is the Chiropractor. Using special diagnostic techniques I can identify those areas where free movement in the spine or cranial has become compromised and using specifically designed techniques with my hands only I can free and restore that important dynamic function once more.

Chiropractic Treats Cause and Not Merely Effect: The philosophy behind Chiropractic is one where our aim is to identify the underlying cause of the crick, back ache or strain, rectify the problem and release your body’s potential to heal itself, Naturally. 

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