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"The Purpose of Life is Happiness":

The Purpose of Life is Happiness: All Health disciplines are required to learn definitions for “health”. As Chiropractic students we could learn word perfect the World Health Organisation’s, Webster’s Dictionary and Dorland’s Medical Dictionary definitions. The one that I discovered was from Rene Dubois’ book “Man Adapting”. Professor Dubois, a World leader in Microbiology – defined Health as “The ability of the body to adapt to the changes in the external and internal environment”. In fact he defined Health simply as “adaptation”. He said the absence of adaptation was “death”, the abundance of adaptation was “life and health” and somewhere in between was sickness and disease, or more correctly dis-ease. How simple is that?

Astro physicists talk about the Complexity of the Universe, and point out that complexity over time has and is becoming more complex day by day, it’s compounding. They say ever increasing complexity is the rule. Some theorise that the Universe is rushing toward an ultimate complexity, and some call that “heaven or Nirvana”, some talk about the ultimate complexity as “God” and so on.

Let’s break these thoughts down to something less complex and easier to understand. Let’s look at how our World has become more complex. Not so long ago the horse and buggy was replaced by the motor car, and the telephone arrived, and then people sat in cylinders and flew all over the Planet, and now hand held computers and ISP’s! People moan and say “Give me the good old days. Why can’t things remain as they used to be”? Those resisting change are burning out, getting sick and frustrated. They are wanting to stay in their comfort zone and resist change. It can not be. In the Universe anything that does not adapt readily to changing complexity is immediately destroyed, and so it is with us. Adapt or die, that’s the Law of the Universal. We can’t change it, it is what it is!

The Dali Lama teaches, “the source of all human suffering is Attachment”. Attachment to what? Old rules that don’t serve you, old habits that keep you prisoner, and un willingness to embrace change which leads to misery, sickness and suffering. He said “the purpose of life is happiness”. If we adapt, change to accommodate the accelerating complexities of life, and learn new things, throw out the old rules that are probably someone else’s anyway, let go of imprisoning habits, and adapt to embrace change, the stress and negative energy is automatically dispersed. Stop struggling and adapt to change, and happiness is yours. Change is inevitable, it’s the norm. It always happens, with or without us. Professor Dubois said “adapt or die”. Let’s start adapting with health rules (1) a healthy spine and nervous system, (2) Eat live foods and clean water, (3) Get plenty of sleep and relaxation, (4) Exercise your heart and muscles, (5) Promote a good mental attitude. In your temporal life, step outside of your comfort zone and grow. Embrace and learn new things, if you are hiding behind a beard shave it off, if you’ve never grown one try it, dare to be different.

Chiropractic Recognises the Rule, “Adapt or Die”: If health is the ability to adapt to changes in all levels of environmental stresses and the organ or organs that control and coordinate and direct changes in the body is the brain and spinal cord. Greys Anatomy says, “The Central Nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) controls and coordinates all the functions of the body, and relates the individual to their environment”. The tail of the brain is the spinal cord, and it is housed inside 24 freely moveable bones called the spinal column. These bones must be free and easily adaptable, and that’s what the Chiropractor does. Chiropractic adjusts the spine to eliminate interference to the central nervous system. “Health is an inside job, health maintenance is up to you”.

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