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The Spine Is Nature's Super Highway:

Your spine is an engineering marvel and your body’s Super Highway. It houses and protects the spinal cord, which in some societies is called, “the River of Life”. Notice the only two structures in the body that are afforded a hard bony protective case are the brain and spinal cord. “Must be pretty important, wouldn’t you think?”

This is the domain of your Chiropractor. He or She locates interference (referenced as pain) in the spinal bones, and with skilful adjustments unblocks the spinal cord and nerves causing the “River of Life” to flow unimpeded once again. “I am sure it’s far more complex than your over simplified explanation,” I hear you say, and of course it is more complex and sophisticated, however what I have described is all we need to know. Subluxated (out of joint) spinal segments lead to pain and sickness. Adjustments administered by your Chiropractor, restores the bones to their normal range of motion relieving interference, pain and sickness, restoring health and along with nutrition, exercise etc equals wellness.

Nature has a plan for all of us to function dynamically until we reach our use by date and then like a candle that’s reached the end of it’s wick it splutters once or twice and gently extinguishes. We need certain elements however like air, food, water, a peaceful mind and spirit and a free “Super Highway”, a free “River of Life”. That’s what we can do for you with our two Chiropractors and our Massage Therapist.

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