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The Unexpected Benefits of Recieving a Remedial Massage


Remedial massage in the hands of an expert therapist is both theraputic and aids healing:

Receiving a remedial massage not only assists in relieving physical soft tissue pain it can also assist in relieving the body of mental and emotional baggage that we store in our bodies on a day to day basis.

Perspective and Clarity

You come in for a massage to relieve your physical pain and during the treatment you also get the opportunity to take a breather from your everyday stresses. Massage releases endorphins in the body (our body’s natural feel-good hormone). You not only benefit from relieved sore muscles, the added bonus is you have also gained perspective and clarity in your life.

Greater Energy

Another benefit of receiving a massage, when you walk out of the treatment you feel fully energised and ready to complete your day. 

Better sleep quality

Massage helps to decrease cortisol levels (the hormone that’s an integral part of the stress response) and increases the serotonin and dopamine levels (these hormones contribute to happiness and sleep)

Improved Self-Esteem

We all have that negative self-talk voice in our head that tells us we are not good enough, too fat, too dumb and the list goes on.

Receiving a massage is telling you that ‘you are worth it’ in the most physical way, through connected human touch. You have given yourself permission to be allowed to be touched by another human to soothe, relieve your pain and to melt away tension. You may not realise this consciously but you have given your subconscious self, permission to ‘love yourself.’ Get your appointment today for your one hour whole body Remedial Massage by Kellie Bechaz. Call reception and speak to Debbie, Nancy or Kellie on  0409 570246


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