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Therapeutic Massages:

We can provide you with any one of 6 x Forms Of Theraputic Massage. 1 x Designed Especially For You: We are so fortunate to have a professional masauer on our team at Noosa Life. Mari has learned not one, but 6 different styles of massage each designed for her client’s specific needs. Mix and match, or specify the style you want.

(1) Remedial Massage: Focusing on the ligaments and muscles and the interconnective tissue (myo facia). When I have difficulty with my adjustments because of lod tight muscles and ligaments and interconnective facia, I may recommend a theraputic massage with Mari. In each case that difficult tight tissue preventing a normal adjustment outcome has been released, and the adjustment delivered is more effective.

(2) Lymphatic Drainage Massage: Over many year the lymphatic system can become congested and engourged and it stagnates, preventing normal lymph flow. This is evident when the tissue is randomly compressed with the pressure of a finger and pain is experienced throughout many differing locations of the soft tissue. Mari knows the location of the lymphatic tracts and she will work them to release and commence lymph flow to return.

(3) Sweedish Massage: Essentially there is not a lot of difference between Sweedish and Remedial Massage as both are theraptic and primarily designed to relax tight knotted muscles and ligaments. Most of the massages Mari would do fall into this category.

(4) Aroma Therapy Massage: Using essential oils Mari will massage your cares away. Essential oils inhaled, have a therapeutic specific benefits to the client. She understands each oil and it’s theraputic benefit when administered through massage.

(5) Cellulite Stripping Massage: A technique taught and popular in Brazil, where Mari comes from, is cellulite stripping. Her hands gentle “strip” the muscles and interconnective tissue of clumps of accumulated cellulite, making it easier for lymphatic drainage to remove thos ugly deposits.

(6) Relaxation Massage: This is the most commonly practiced massage in resorts throughout Noosa and world wide resorts. The therapists hands soothe and massage away stress and typically the client drops off to sleep during the process. Recognised as the least skilful of the above techniques, it is commonly used because of it’s relaxation qualities.

Happy smiling personality, and skill full techniques, that’s our Mari': Mari has been with us just 5 weeks and already she has had several return clients. There will come a time in the next few months, where clients willl need to book well in advance to get their massage because evyone recognises her expert skills and they like her happy personality. Call today for your appointment 0409 570246


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