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Morning Back Pain a Debilitating Problem: Many people who see me come in seeking help from early morning back pain. “You see doc when I get out of bed I can barely walk my back hurts so bad. After I do move and walk around for a few minutes it becomes bearable and diminishes”. This is a common problem in todays sedentary hi tech world.

Prolonged Sitting Is a Major Cause: Modern day technology often demands many hours sitting in front of a computer at the work place. When we come home we then sit and watch TV, sometimes for 3 to 4 hours a day and in some cases more. It has been measured that sitting puts up to 5 times more gravity/weight in the low back than does walking. The additional weight over a prolonged period compresses the disks of the low back and if left unattended for years the disk then degenerate and a condition called spondylosis develops.

Spondylosis and Disk Degeneration: For an example the worst disks I have seen with spondylosis out of all occupations are airline pilots. Long haul overseas pilots are subjected to ten hour shifts where all they can do to operate the aircraft is sit. On the other hand active workers in general have healthy disks and while the additional lifting and twisting strains of the day may irritate their low back pain, the disks remain relatively healthy and when they rest the pain resolves itself.

What Then Is The Answer To Early Morning Back Pain?  In one word, “Movement”. If your job entails sitting then organise your work station ergonomically. Drop your chair down and work desk up and place the VDU in front of your face so you are not tilting your head down. Perhaps a standing work space where you stand or sit on a high stool and the lower back remains relatively straight and more weight is distributed through your legs and feet. At night use a pillow between your legs for added support, and never sleep on your front or cross your legs when sitting.

Professional Help Is Available Through An Expert Chiropractor: As well as diagnose and mobilise your the lower back segments of your spine your Chiropractor will give you advice on ergonomics, core exercises, sleeping and sitting posture. We are the recognised experts in spinal care and the relief of pain, and managing spinal conditions. Call us we can help.

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