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The Corona Virus Catastrophe: Countries are closing down, travel is banned, the stock markets have come tumbling to all time lows.. Sounds like the story of Chicken Little – “the sky is falling, the sky is falling!” When you read about this new curse please focus your reading on the science and not the Media driven panic. The “sky is not falling”, we simply are scared because there is no known vaccine to combat this particular virus.

The Science tells us: The people at risk of contracting the virus and even dying from it are people whose immune systems are all ready depressed and who are all ready vulnerable. Their bodies can not respond to the virus by creating new anti bodies. The sick, elderly, and immune depressed. Essentially these folks are all ready sick and vulnerable to all virus’ and in fact  the common flu virus kills far more than the Corona virus. Unfortunately this is Nature’s way, the health survive and the very ill don’t.

In The Absence of a Vaccine – The Answer then is to Boost Your Own Immune System? Science tells us if you have a normal immune system and contract the virus you may get some flu like symptoms while your body builds up your immunity to the virus, and then you are immune to its effects into the future.

Can I Build my own Immunity? Yes, you can. Nature’s laws dictate that we should eat, sleep, exercise, and live life styles that promote our well being. Nature’s laws dictate that we should pay attention to common sense hygiene. Wash hands frequently, keep everything clean and orderly. Eat unprocessed real foods, exercise to reduce cardio risk factors, keep your spine free and functioning by attending proactively to your Chiropractic adjustments. There are many proactive things we can do. To encapsulate them into 2 words – Pay attention to our “Health and Hygiene”.

This is not the End of the World: Please be led by the science and not the Media hype. Listen to and read the science. We will get over this as we did other catastrophes over the centuries, and we will survive as a civilisation. Remember the great “American Swine Flu Fiasco”, only the aged and in-firmed were impacted, however as soon as the vaccination became available toward the end of the epidemic, millions were vaccinated. The same thing will occur here, in the mean time build your own immune systems Naturally.

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