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Why I love to live and practice in Noosa

The Astralian Riviera, Noosa and the Sunshine Coast:

In 1992 Debbie and I moved from London and opened Noosa Life Chiropractic and Massage. We had a succesful practice and a great life in London and I must admit I was aprehensive about giving up te life style, and being the Chiropractic doctor for the West End theatre Companys (Andrew Lloyd Webber), the Roayal Opera Company, the Covent Garden Ballet company and the British Lions Rugby team members. We would spend long weekends (bank holidays) in Rome, Paris and Marrakesh in Moroco. London was a rich and vibrant city and the gateway to Europe.

Noosa presented an entirely different life style, however we adapted and started to enjoy her beauty and her people, most of whom seemed to have immigrated from Melbourne and New Zealand. I remember the first time on Noosa main beach wading in knee deep pristine water and there were fish swimming around my ankles, I was blown away. The National Park is one of Noosa’s jewels, as is the whale watching, Aussie World, and Fraser Islnd. When we had visitors from the UK or US we would have many things to share with them and none dissapointed.

Over 26 years the health care profssion has developed into an oversupply. It seems for all the reasons I have named every Chiropractor, Osteopath, Massage therapist, alopathic medical doctor (GP), has found our paradise, however the population remains around just 45,000. This means business in the health care industry is highly competitive and brisk to say the least. That’s why Debbie and I appreciate those of you who referr your family and friends to us for their wellness care. Thanks we do appreciate you and with your trust comes our responsibility to perform, and we don’t take that lightly. Please LIKE US on our Noosa Life Chiropractic FB page. It’s a way of spreading the good news, Noosa Life Chiropractic and Massage does good work.

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