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World Spine Day October 16:

Friday October 16 is World Spine Day:

World Spine Day highights the burden of spinal pain and disability around the world. An estimated one billion people people world wide suffer with spinal pain on any one day. Spinal pain is the single biggest cause of disability on the planet. It is estimated that 80% of complaints heard in a GP’s office relate to mechanical musculo skeletal opain of mechanical origin of one kind or another. Traditional medicine approaches pain with anti inflammatory medication, pain pills, referrals to a physiotherapist, or if you are lucky a Chiropractor, and if all else fails surgery.

Chiropractors are the Recognised Back Doctors:

Many trials have shown that the Chiropractic Doctor’s treatment for back pain is not only effective, but the least invasive with fewer side effects and a quicker back to work recovery time. I have practiced Chiropractic for 48 years and I believe the majority of patients have considerably reduced pain within 4 to 7 days of initiating treatment. I would go so far as to say we get 98% results of reduced pain, and with effective management of back pain on a long term basis get long term results with follow up maintenance care. Our unsolicited 5 star Google Reviews testify to the effectiveness of Chiropractic treatment.

Diagnosis, Treatment, and Long Term Maintenance:

Before any effective treatment comes an accurate and proper diagnosis. Chiropractors use traditional orthopaedic, neurologic, and applied kinesiology (muscle) testing, and in many cases spinal X Rays to determine the cause of the pain. Treatment is carefully planned, and with patient informed consent started. Treatment is non invasive and for the most part non painful. Spinal adjustments are generally done by hand only, are safe and non invasive. The only side effect in 98% of cases is a relief from pain and suffering.

Is Treatment A Long Drawn Out Process?

Chiropractic treatment falls under the banner of “Health Care”. I tell all my new patients that once I have found the cause of your problem and corrected it over a course of a few weeks, they then need to choose to do monthly follow up maintenance care, or wait till it all falls apart again, the pain returns and we treat the symptom once more. There are three phases of Chiropractic Care. (1) Pain relief, (2) Stabilisation of the offending spinal segments, (3) Preventitive maintenance. The last phase can be likened to the “ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure”

Health Care is Ongoing, a Life Style:

All aspects of health come from within. Health is an inside job, where we treat nutrition, exercise, rest and relaxation, good mental attitude and a healthy spine and nervous system. Health is a practice, just like th practice of meditation and exercise. The spine should be periodically aligned, it’s core muscles kept toned, it’s ligaments flexible. The spine is the centeral axis of the body. It supports all structures directly and indirectly, it gives form and grace to the body and most importantly it houses the flow of Life energy from the brain to all 50 trillion body cells through the nervous system.

Make Spinal Health A Life Style Not A Treatment:

Health care if lived as a life style dosen’t cost, it pays handsome dividends. Less or no drugs, fewer or no surgery, fewer or no days off work, and a happy dynamic life filled with love joy and movement. Health care is like meditation, it is a practice, it is something you live and not merely do after something has broken down. Pain care, disease care, and all forms of invasive medicine are neccessary and helpful, but health is about daily living, about Life Style. For further information on World Spinal Health Day call 0409 570246 book a remedial massage or Chiropractic Spinal Check up.

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