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A Wellness Life Style Dosen’t Cost, It Pays! So many times I hear folks say, “I can’t afford good organic nutrition, regular Chiropractic adjustments, no time for exercise, take 10 days out of my life to attend a meditation retreat to learn mediatation, It’s all too inconvenient and all too expensive”. OK so let’s eat, dring and be merry, and convenient, at the last years of your life now you can spend tens of thousands of dollars running from one medical practitioner to another treating pain and disease, ending up in a nursing home a sick broken person.

You can’t afford not to look after yourself all of your life! Wellness is when all elements of health including a flexible free spinal system, nutrition, exercise, rest and relaxation, good mental attitude, are used in combination every day.  The spinal cord and the brain are the Centeral Nervous System (CNS), and it the CNS “controls and coordinates all the functions of the body”.. Greys Anatomy. Why regular Chiropractic spinal adjustments? Releasing stiff, stuck joints of the spine enhances the body’s ability to adapt. The gut biome (bacterial balance) are responsible for 90% of you body’s auto immune system, and how important is that??? Paramount, if your auto immune system is to function optimally.

A Healthy Life Style / Wellness  Life Style Pays, It Dosen’t Cost: Invest in your wellness is the greatest value investment you will ever make.                                                                                                                                                                          (1) Every day nutrition in the way of fermented foods, probiotics, no white sugar or added, many fresh and varied vegetables, fruites, nuts and small amounts of animal protein is a wellness life style.                                                                                                (2) Exercise to stimulate the heart muscle, diaphragm, and add tone to all tissues is a part of your wellness life style.                    (3) Rest and Relaxation to clear mind and body. An agitated mind is unclear, unstable, confused and exhausted. Meditation practice trains the mind to be calm,

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