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You are the Best Investment You Will Ever Make:

Investing in Your Own Health, Pays Great Dividends: “If I’de known how long I was going to live, I would have taken better care of myself”. How many times have I heard a broken down patient say this??

Symptoms Start When The Body Can No Longer Adapt:  If you think you have to waite for symptoms to start before you do anything about your health, you are in deep trouble. Yes even delusional! Symptoms commence when the body has reached a point where it can no longer adapt it’s way out of trouble. It’s toward the end of a breakdown process and not the begining, so don’t waite. Here’s a sobering thought,” the first symptom may be your last”.

Health Insurance Is a Day To Day Proactive Experience: Live a Life Style where every day, every meal, every Chiropractic adjustment, every therapuetic massage, every hour spent in meditation, accumulates into healthy insurance dividends. Taking care of yourself dosen’t cost, it pays handsomely.

A Chiropractic Proactive Life Style Is Nature’s Recipe: Doctors of Chiropractic through the world are teaching this message to their patients. “If It’s to be It’s up to me”.. It’s all about what you do each day, what you eat, how much exercise you do, do you get regular spinal adjustments and massage, Do you do any form of meditation to calm and control your mind? All these things constitute a healthy life style, what you do eacj and every day.

The Spine Is “The River Of Life”: In many cultures throughout Asia, and philosophies the spine is recognised as a bony canal providing a conduite for the flow of Life Energy from the brain to every cell in the body and back to the brain. In Chiropractic we emphasize the importance of a flexible fully functioning spinal column free of subluxation and joint fixations to allow the flow of vital information from the brain throughout all parts of the body.

Back Pain and Headaches are the Clues: Pain is the result of resistance to change, so when spinal bones jam, get stuck and interfere with this flow of Life, pain commences. Most new patients are shocked when I show them the damage on their spinal x rays that has accumulated in their back and neck because of neglect and day to day stresses and trauma un serviced, left untreated.

Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments Open the River Of Life: By freeing spinal bones that were previously stuck we release interference, the body stops the pain, and healing begins.Simple isn’t it?? Dr Singer has been doing just this for 47 years, and Mari Borges is the best massage therapist on the Sunshine Coast. Call us or book online today.














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