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Your Body's Information Super Highway:

Is There A Purpose to Pain and Symptoms? The answer is, “how else would you know when something is wrong?” Signals from a swollen disk for example, flash from the inflamed nerves back up the spinal cord to pain recognition centres in the brain and register back and leg pain. If you were to burn your hand while ironing, how do you know your hand is burnt? Same principle, sensory nerves flash signals to the brain telling you to get your hand away from the iron quickly!

There Are Three Nerve Classifications Running Up and Down Your Spinal Cord: We refer to each as (1) The visceral nervous system, (2) The Motor Nervous System, and (3) The Sensory Nervous System.  The Visceral nerves innovate the organs glands. The Motor nerves, as the name suggests move arms legs and provide muscular functions of the body. The Sensory Nerves are the telephone wires to signal the brain about all the parts of the body and their state of wellness at all times.

The Spinal Cord Is The Super Information Highway Linking All The Body’s Systems With The Brain: Is it any wonder that it is so carefully protected by the bony canal, a conduit housing it’s precious and vital content. The brain itself is the Master Organ and for the most part it makes all the decisions and instructions for all body parts conscious and unconscious, awake or asleep. Being the Master Organ the brain is housed in what we call “the cranial vault” made up of eighteen bones,

Any Blockages to Our Super Information Highway Can Interfere With Free Flow Of Vital Information: Hence the Sensory Nervous System relays pain messages to the brain asking for help and announcing something is vitally wrong! This is the nature of back pain, headaches, numbness and tingling in an extremity, and yes even sickness in an organ, muscle or any other part of the body. symptoms are not to be ignored, but rather used to explore what is the cause?

Hippocrates In 500BC Recognised This Connection: In his writings he is quoted as having said, “Look well to the spine for the cause of dis – ease”. The philosophy behind Chiropractic is based on the premise of, “look well to the spine for the cause of dis – ease”. As a Chiropractic Doctor I am educated and trained to diagnose spinal interference from many different possible causes and sometimes multiple causes, and using hands only make intricate adjustments to the spine and cranial bones to release interference. I have been living by this principle and practice for 47 years both professionally and personally.

Pain Is An Essential Part Of Life And Full Of Purpose: The person who has no pain is often the person who one day appears well and suddenly drops dead! Their fist and last symptom was death. Their sensory nervous system was not working. Pain is a friend to be recognised, diagnosed and the cause treated, That’s the mission of Chiropractic. Call me on 0409 570246 or book an appointment online today.

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