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An independent rating agency has identified us as one of the “THREE BEST CHIROPRACTORS ON THE SUNSHINE COAST”. I am pleased with this recognition as there are an awful lot of Chiropractic and massage offices on the Coast and we rated second according to their specific criteria. You can go to their site on Google “Three Best Chiropractors on the Sunshine Coast”, and see for yourself. This inspired us to hire a professional video production company to make a You Tube video which will be posted on our home page and the “Three Best Chiropractors” on the Sunshine Coast’s site, by their invitation.

I attended a great seminar last weekend in Cairns. It was the Thompson Terminal Point Seminar (technique), and I had a ball brushing up on my adjusting skills in this fabulous main stream technique. Whenever you extend yourself and get out of your comfort zone Universe recognises your efforts and good things happen. We had our busiest week we have had in years, and you know how I love to work. Work to me is Fun, at work helping folks get out of pain and on the road to wellness is my passion, and speaking with Kellie (massage therapist), it’s her’s as well. I am inspired by your results and feedback.

Please feel free to check out our video on our home page at, and my gartitude to the patients who participated in making the video. You are appreciated, Thanks. Any questions call us on 0409 570246 today



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